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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Is Blogging Spam?

Hello cherished reader. As of today the Writings of Jon has appeared in over 20 countries and has been visited over 5,500 times.  Not too shabby for a blog that has only been around for a month. 

I get feedback occasionally from readers, most are thrilled about the Writings of Jon.  Some have constructive feedback on how to make an article better.  This feedback I always use to improve the blog.  I really DO want to give the highest quality content possible. 

You may notice that I do not allow comments on my blog.  This isn't because I am not interested in your opinions.  I do not allow comments because I want the content to be what people read, much like a magazine.  If you want your voice to be heard dear reader you need to write an article or even a 'letter to the editor' email much like you would a magazine.  If your letter is well written and constructive I promise I will publish it under your name.

In the early days of the Blog I told everybody about it who would listen.  I wanted to generate traffic to the blog much in the same way any publication wants readers.  Even now if I write something good I will watch the numbers of readers on the article for a day or two and if I feel the article isn't getting attention I will start telling people all about it to generate traffic.  Some have called these attempts to get your attention spam, and it may be.  But for every one who has cried spam one thousand have come and read the blog.  I will try to minimize this 'spam' out of respect for you and the websites you visit.

Why do I allow ads?  Simple really, I do it for the money.  Writing a quality article takes effort, I do research.  I contact people for the rights to pictures.  I not only allow advertising but encourage it.  I work for money and I won't apologize for that.  Like you dear reader, I also have a family to support.  I do this in lieu of a second job.  I hope you will be understanding and remember that if you were buying a publication or even subscribing to an online magazine they would ask for money.  Compared to that an ad seems like a very reasonable.

If you look at the big picture I think you will agree that I have brought attention to many topics and especially aircraft that need the attention.  For example how many of you had even heard of a Colomban Cri-Cri before I wrote about it?  The big paper publications print articles about aircraft that are often already popular and usually too expensive for working class folks to afford.  The planes that get me excited are the fun, safe, and practical aircraft that most any person could obtain. I feel the spotlight should be on those aircraft.

So my deal for you dear reader is I will do my best to keep the spam to a minimum and also keep top quality content coming.  All I ask from you is that you keep coming back and reading and tell your friends about The Writings of Jon.