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Monday, January 28, 2013

THA Hapkido Seminar!!!

Hello Hapkido Friends,


We have a tremendous seminar coming up April the 27th.  It's in Martinsburg, WV.  For those of you who train with me at Yorktown that's only about four hours down the road.  I realize for you international guys it's pretty darn far but if you were planning on being in the Eastern US around that time it would be well worth your time.


Attached is the flyer with all of the details.  The seminar is being hosted by our very own Mr. David Henry.  It will be a fun filled Saturday with Grand Master, Senior Master, and Master level instruction, often you will get personal instruction as they generally walk around and help people individually.  Grand Master Rodemaker is a very dynamic teacher and speaker and is always a joy to learn from.


I strongly urge you to attend, you won't regret it!

Very Respectfully,



P.S. For you local people let me know I should have a couple of extra seats if you would like to ride along with me.