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Monday, March 14, 2016

Builder Log Spruce Juju

Latest photo for Spruce Juju is the vertical stabilizer.  This shot was just after I epoxied the gussets in place.  It's been many weeks since I worked on the plane.  But with warm weather I have felt new energy and a resurgence of interest in this project.

Still waiting on the complete set of plans from TEAM.  Since they are still building the prototype I figure I have to be patient.

For those of you that are just entering the blog.  This started out as a TEAM Hi-max and has since grown into a new two place side by side design called the Epic Sport.  Every minimax design uses the same ribs so I didn't have to redo any of that work.  I did have to build a different tail.  This tail design comes from the AeroMax line.  It differs from the Minimax and HiMax mainly because it has laminate bow's at the tips.