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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Bloggers Bread and Butter

Hello cherished readers.  I know you are out there!  I thought I might take the time to discuss Blogging.  I am a new blogger but already my written work has been read by a number of people around the world and I am very pleased.  I pledge to keep the content coming.

If you've never blogged before it's hard for you to know just how eagerly we watch our numbers to see what effect our writing has on your readership.  For example I've noticed that by far the aviation crowd here are my most prolific readers.  A distant second are the folks that are reading my fictional work, especially the story Subculture. It doesn’t take much business acumen to see that I should write more in those areas! 

If you enjoy reading my blog there are some things you can do as the reader to help me keep it going.  By far the easiest thing you can do is keep reading!  The best way is to set up auto emails of the blog or become a follower.  Another thing you can do is to tell a friend about the blog because like all business, traffic is the key. 

The last thing you can do is to help me make a few bucks by occasionally visiting the advertisers on my blog.  Many blogs have a contribution button where you can 'donate' money.  I personally am not a fan of this.  As a proud American man I prefer to EARN my way as a writer and a blogger.  The many companies that advertise here have paid hard earned money to appear here and would love your attention, however brief.  So visit my advertisers once in awhile folks if you are enjoying the blog.  It won't cost you anything and it helps me to keep my blog alive.

Very Respectfully,