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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Images from the Past

 I received an email from Mary Painter this week.  Mary's folks Jack and Ruby Painter were my God parents and also part owners of the plane my dad had when I grew up.  You've read often about my musings about our old airport Taylor Aviation.  Unfortunately I just didn't have many pictures left of the old place.  But Mary has lot's of photo's and she sent these.  Above was most of the family friends, and crew that helped us with the 1986 Airshow.

 Above spectators to the Airshow including my baby sister Sarah lower left, aka Squeeker.
 Above the Stinson as it looked when the club bought it.  Notice the original  round wingtips and below you can see the drooped tips that they added later to improve stall speed, take off roll and cruise. Personally I always thought the plane looked nicer with the stock wingtips.