Hapkido Online

Friday, July 6, 2012

Hapkido Online: Update

Hello Hapkido Friends,

You may have noticed the Korean text at the top of Hapkido Online.  Getting it on there was quite an adventure.  I admit freely that I do not speak Korean, if anybody out there does perhaps you can tell me if I've got it right.  According to three different digital translators this is the most literal translation of Hapkido Online.

Another change is I've removed the static image on the homepage and replaced it with a nice clean slideshow that gives new people a taste of what the site is about without having to read much or click around.

I also replaced the flaming hand art with a more refined looking version.  Now you can see the tips of the fingers for example.

I think the sight is starting to really look nice.  A quick search of the very little competition out there and I think you will agree, ours is the nicest.

On the content side of things we've got nearly 85% of Yellow Belt complete.  More yellow belt filming next week hopefully.

I've begun textual and graphic work on High Yellow.  Included is some very fine instruction from Master Tim.  I've decided to insert the interception drills in at this level.  Some have advised that I should introduce it at the very beginning.  However I want it to be on the paid side of the password because the stuff is combat gold.  For you members feel free to skip ahead a bit and try the drills, they are awesome.  We do not have film of these just yet.  Hopefully we can grab some video next week.

Finally my birthday is near (12th of July) and the only thing I asked for this year was the graphic software to make my very own custom fight science style visuals of the human body. As I have promised so I will deliver.  I can't wait to get started.

Instructor Jon


P.S.  I would like to ask a prayer request for Mr. Braxton.  You might know him as Master Tim's faithful uke.  Braxton has developed tendinitis in his wrist and it's impeding his progress.  Not only is Braxton Master Tim's son but he is an accomplished Hapkidoin in his own right.  Get well soon my brother.

I would also like to ask a prayer request for Mr. John who is David's uke and an accomplished Martial Artist as well.  Mr. John has a broken foot.  Hang in there and get well soon.