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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Aviation: Letters to the Editor

Kids love airplanes! Used with Permission

Kids and Aviation

By: Christian Von Delius


In Aviation Memories: My Childhood Airport part 2, There was discussion of involving kids with aviation.

Recently, in our Yahoo plasma cutting forum, I wrote concerning a comment posted on how people would just make the things they needed, back in the day. They were discussing building go-karts out of junk when they were kids.

My response:

Sadly, let's see kids today do that.. :-( I volunteer at Flathead Youth Aviation where we teach kids how to build airplanes. Nearly every kid who has come in has never run ANY sort of powertools.

In fact, actual discussion: "It needs to be 3/16 of an inch..No, that is 3/4 of an inch"..They barely can grasp reading a tape measure. Most can now do 1/8ths" but it is still a challenge for some to do 1/16th's. And calipers and 1/1000ths are still under construction..
Used with Permission

We have about 20 kids on and off. They learn safety, and most can now buck rivets, use a chopsaw, a tape measure, pop riveter, drill press, air tools (cutoff wheel, air drill,..). But most importantly, they learn how to 'think', something they don't get off of TV.

And they are watching themselves build an actual airplane (a Thatcher CX4)(and work on others..) For every number of hours they participate, they are rewarded with an hour of flight instruction. About 4 of the kids are serious about becoming pilots. And some of the parents participate as well, and are learning things too (and we learn stuff from the kids and parents also :-) http://flatheadyouthaviation.org/ to check it out.



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