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Monday, April 15, 2013

Free Plans from Team Mini-Max!

Folks it has been awhile since I have written about all things aviation.  The truth is money has been tight and I've just felt that lately folks of humble means like myself probably can't afford to fly anymore.  Even the ultra-lights are expensive nowadays.  The small airports that foster inexpensive general aviation (if that isn't a contradiction in terms I don’t know what is) have been closing down one by one.  Most of them are turning into cornfields and Wal-Mart shopping centers filled with products all made in China.


To be honest I've felt just a little depressed about it.  But the flying bug does not succumb to reason, logic, or modern trends.  It knows only that it craves flight and the vehicles that make flight possible, the airplane!  So unreasonably I find myself occasionally Google-ing aircraft companies.  Sort of vicariously feeding the flying bug quietly in the only ways left available to me.


In fact I was doing just this very thing yesterday when I came upon the most remarkable thing.  An aircraft company GIVING AWAY plans to their planes.  Yes you heard me right.  Builders plans free of cost.  This is unprecedented!  Such a gesture of kindness to people like me that for a moment I was transfixed.  This is the very change in the industry that I have written about and prayed for.  Companies producing designs for those of us that earn less than six figures and then providing the construction drawings free of charge, simply to promote flight!  It's this kind of thinking that gives me hope for the future.  It's this gesture that makes my flying bug want to build a chrysalis and grow wings.


Without further ado I would like to present the well known Team Mini-Max.  The line of Mini-Max Aircraft are all wood and cloth aircraft, most are mid wing and some are high wing.  The aircraft have a range of options, some are Part 103 ultralights and others are robust enough to fall into the Experimental Amateur Built Category.  Most can be built with an open cockpit or a closed canopy.  In all they are a remarkable little line of aircraft with a very robust builder community.  These planes are available in kit form or can be built entirely from plans.  Oh...and did I mention, the plans are now FREEEEEE!


The Mini-Max designs have all the hallmarks of aircraft for the next century and they've even raised the bar by offering their plans free this way.  As of this writing they are the only aircraft on the list to do this, extraordinary.


I urge you to visit their site right away:  http://www.teammini-max.com/


From the bottom of my heart I would like to send my thanks to the good people at Team Mini-Max.  You have given me hope when I despaired and for that I owe you one.