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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Of Ribs, Family, and good Friends.

I put the temporary gussets on the final rib for the right wing and gingerly popped it out of the jig this morning. I've been practicing getting my angle cuts perfected so that each piece of RS-1 (1/4" Spruce square) fit's snugly against every other piece. The plans say everything can be cut at right angles but I wanted to practice my craftsmanship because in other areas of the plane that precision is required. I was thankful for all that practice on the other ribs because for this rib you have to epoxy the spruce together and not rely so much on the gussets.

Looking at the empennage, it's a lot bigger than I expected. I realize now that this too will require a work bench. I can't wait to get that built so I can carry on.

Incidentally my Easy Cutter Ultimate tool grew dull. For those of you who have this tool I can tell you it's easy to sharpen. You just remove the lock nut and bolt and the blade slides right out with the handle that is attached to it. Then I sharpened it like I would any good knife and slid the parts back together. The spring is a leaf type and is mounted firmly to the handle that supports the cutting base so you don't have to worry about it bouncing into a pile of sawdust never to be seen again. Once reassembled the cutter worked good as new. Now that I know how easy it is I'll sharpen it often.

Finally, best news ever, my dad (a pilot himself) offered to pitch in and help me out not only with my plane but also my flying lessons. Dad if you are reading this, thank you very much sir, indebted to you. He ordered me another rib kit from TEAM and set me up at Cheasapeake Aviation for an intro flight.

I've come a long way from moving some boxes in the barn and building a rib jig on a folding table. My wife (who is an aviation buff herself) is on board. I now have a friend (Peter) 30 minutes away who is building the same kind of plane and helps me in many ways and the support and wisdom of my Dad who is has been flying various types of aircraft from ultralights on up to Boeing 747's for over 40 years. Not to mention everybody at TEAM and on this forum. I am truly blessed, thank you all.