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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Sci Fi Fiction: Subculture Part 1

Although Asa's brain and spine were permanently encased in a titanium neuropod he marveled that he could still feel such dramatic stress. Asa's staggering intellect struggled to finish the Europan Ice landing checklist. The pressure mounted as Jupiter's icy moon, once a distant speck now filled his neuro-display. As they plummeted towards the barren ice Asa's only crewmate, a female copilot named Megan steadily announced critical telemetry data. Megan's Neuropod was identical to Asa's and the two were mounted in tandem. The diminutive craft descended in a graceful parabolic arc toward the mirrored glacial surface. Megan steadily announced the crucial telemetry data. Landing pads kissed the ice and the tiny ship came to rest upon an alien and frigid plain. Asa opened the COM link, "Tranquility control we are skids down, what an amazing sight."
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