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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Don't sue aviation over me....

Dear Family and People of the World,


First I am not planning to check out any time soon, I love my life.  However, if I should crash any airplane and especially any experimental airplane like the one I am building.  Please, please, please, do not sue anybody over it.  If I kill myself in an aircraft, let the responsibility be mine alone and die with me.


I hold the designers of airplanes in the highest regard and would roll in my grave if somebody sued one over me.


The only people who win anything in those stupid lawsuits are the doggone lawyers, between them and the union's they've crippled general aviation in this country.


I love aviation and I love my country.  Good American's take responsibility for their own actions and they don't frivolously sue others for personal gain.


If a man goes up in a machine and buys the farm, well it's his right to do so.  He knows the risks, as I know the risks.  Just dispose of my body in any way that seems fitting and take solace in the knowledge that I checked out doing what I love and as soon as I get to heaven I'll likely check into the flying scene, if they have one.


With Love, Sincerity, and all God's Blessings,